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Re: YouTube: Kisaburo Osawa

Soon-Kian Phang wrote: View Post
does Hitohiro Sensei move like Saito Sensei? Or the Third Doshu like the Second Doshu? Or Shioda Kancho like Shioda Soke?
Good question. I am guessing that for you, the question is rhetorical and the obvious answer is "no", but for me, the answer is yes. All three gentlemen move very much like their fathers, especially gentlemens 1 and 3. When you see Hitohiro Saito move, there is no doubt as to who his teacher was. IMHO however, the same can not be easily done with Hayato Osawa. He has clearly had massive input from another source.

Also, this is not just a matter of age. Aikido Journal sells a dvd of an early All Japan demo and in it Kisaburo Osawa moves exactly as he always did, even many years later. That dvd is very interesting to me as it is clear that all of the shihan featured had their movement "style" pretty much set and that 20, 30 years later there was not much difference.
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