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Re: only a man would do this ;) be prepared to laugh t'ill you cry

Unfortunately I've known several officers who bought the original "stun gun" hand-held device when they first came out and did exactly what was described. Almost invariably they tried it on their right outer thigh and down they'd go. While they wouldn't cop to it, their wives were pretty quick to share the story.

My favorite along these lines is supposedly true. It seems an Alaskan bush pilot took a couple to a remote location for fishing and warned them of the danger of bears, big bears, big bears with big teeth. He made sure they had a large canister of bear repellent which is actually pepper spray.

He took off, leaving them there for a week, but something urged him to take one last fly around before he headed back to civilization. As he did, he saw the man rolling around on the ground without any control. He quickly landed the plane and sure enough, the couple thought the bear repellent was like bug spray - he asked her to spray him down and then he would spray her down. They never got to her turn.

Now if this ain't true, it oughta be!

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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