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Re: internal strength demo...

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Hi Ashe

Well no, tactics aside, I meant are you willing and able to replicate / film Akuzawa's setup and then provide your analysis of it? You've put one video out there, but as Dan says, there are many ways to do something like that, not all of which are 'internal'

If there was a 'standardized' thing to look it, it might make comparisons and discussions easier. Not that the pushout is the end all and be all, but it does seem to be a handy 'default' that most are fimiliar with.

Which is why I do it the way I do. It severely limits motion. and offsets it to their advantage. Instead of the equal stances where you are both forward with feet side to side; letting them get in a braced fighting stance and allowing them to try to walk through you, with you in a stork straight stance really brings the message home. Internal motion comes to the fore; when you are not allowed to move.You just can't B.S. them or yourself.
The you can get down to the work.

Hmm..I don't mean B.S. as in fraud. I mean fooling yourself or masking with jujutsu skills. The way I do it is far more 'pure." Doubters can talk all they want- it brings the message home loud and clear that what is going on just isn't normal body mechanics.

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