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Re: internal strength demo...

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
that's not meant to be a dig at anukai stuff, since i don't know what they're working on here (it's always tough to comment on other arts).
Hmmmmm. Well, it looks like a simple jin exercise to me. Like in, ummmm, lemessee.... OK, Tai Chi uses it. In Tai Chi they talk about: "The source of jin is: "It is rooted in the feet, issues through the legs, is governed by the waist, and is expressed through the fingers." Rooted in the feet and coming out through the hands/fingers is sort of a path from the ground, as in "groundpath" (which I realize a number of people on RSF are unfamiliar with ). But, if ILC doesn't use those things, I can see how it might be unfamiliar.


Mike Sigman
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