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Re: internal strength demo...

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Or you have never been shown by someone who could actually do it in a decent way?

For the record: I haven't seen/felt much myself with regards to fajin, but I'm curious what makes you so sure it's impossible to pull off a fajin with the dantien to mingmen against even a decent high school wrestler. If you'd say that it would just take to much effort to get a decent fajin with the dantien to mingmen to be worthit, that would be something else, btw.
It can be felt. And since we can't discuss Aikido teachers I won't discuss ICMA teachers. Since all this IP talk was supposed to be about research and going out to test and find men with power and I have done so- I'll be the first to let you know when someone can nail me in Chin na or nikyo or sankyo or can use elbow or shoulder bombs, toss me or even get much of anywhere at all in the TMA.
So far it hasn't happened.

Heres one back at ya.
Are you sure that it's not just the level of skill of the amateurs you have been talking to and reading from who are "impressed" by a skill that others can easily neutralize?
How sure are you that there is simply not better ways to train and move that can sense certain movement and neutralize it?
Is it from personal experience with testing powerful men in the TMA? Or is it because someone told you so?
If he's willing ya might want to ask Ark's opinion about that as well.

I'll give you that it is an interesting question.
So, while you are at it, ya might want to consider and think about just who is impressed by what and why that is and what it might say about both sides of the equation?

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