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Re: internal strength demo...

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Same thing with some ICMA "methods for fighting that are inane against capable fighters. I have covered that here before, where you get these noobs who try to fajin with the dantien to mingmen and do a power release. That might work on some people but on a fighter you might as well put a stamp on it, send it snail mail, and then text message its imminent arrival; even a decent high school wrestler is going to feel that coming. It makes me think that most internal guys have never actually met a good fighter.
Or you have never been shown by someone who could actually do it in a decent way?

For the record: I haven't seen/felt much myself with regards to fajin, but I'm curious what makes you so sure it's impossible to pull off a fajin with the dantien to mingmen against even a decent high school wrestler. If you'd say that it would just take to much effort to get a decent fajin with the dantien to mingmen to be worthit, that would be something else, btw.
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