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Re: internal strength demo...

My arms are out but NOT locked, the elbows are a bit bent.
And Chris this is just one of a series of testing. The other is on body parts, and yet another is in throw attempts from mild to severe where you are again not allowed to do anything externally. Form there you go on to very specific movement drills to retrain the body to a new way of moving. Then it is back to testing all over again, over and over.

Of course in fighting you would never do that.
So, the key is to train
1. intent
2. recondition the body with intent
3. breath work where intent further supports the body
4. then train certain specific movements and paths to softly retrain the newly conditioned body. The body has to learn new ways to move with intent that are not the normal way to move or carry the weight.

Contrary to some of the misleading info that newbies are buying into. Not all internal method are the same, nor will they result in the same quality of movement in the body.

I want the most efficient and effective way to condition the body...and to fight with it -all out, with weapons and without. It just so happens it makes mince meat out of aikido and Daito ryu as methods of defense. It cuts right through anything they can deliver. But to put it another way, it makes thee, finest, most capable Aikido or Daito ryu in execution that I have ever seen or felt..

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