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Bizarre Training experience

I recently trained with a very mean black belt.
Oddly weird.
He was old and very inflexible, which is alright, he had to of been in his 60's. But he was silent. He never spoke. He just did the technique on me as lazily as possible. Which is cool, I appreciate the cool down.

But here's the thing; I was doing a joint submission wrong. Another black belt walked over and said, "here sweetheart let me show you how to do that more effectively." I thanked the man and proceeded to do the submission on my silent/grumpy partner. And if I wouldn't be damned, after I properly performed that submission my silent partner started throwing me into the poor black belt that taught me how to do the submission. LOL But he still didn't say a word, just threw me into the other black belt with pop. The unfortunate part was that Sugano Sensei was squeezing through the mat when the old black belt threw me again. I rolled right into Sensei.. the poor man doesn't have all his feet, he doesn't need a little kyu like me being thrown into, thank God Sugano Sensei is possibly the sweetest man that ever lived.
At the point where I looked up and saw Sugano Sensei laughing at me, I noticed that my partner had wondered off and got lost in the crowded mat. LOL

This was my most bizarre training experience to date...
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