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Re: internal strength demo...

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You might want to look at Arks "push out test" for comparison of less gaming and more basic internal connection displayed.
My test is even stricter than Arks.
I stand stalk straight with legs locked and arms out with no movement and instead of the guy "falling" into me I have them push into me with them in a figting stance and try to step into me without my manipulating them all. In other words I have to demonstrate "internal movement" without moving at all. There are dozens of guys here who can tell you what it feel like as I have done it to them.
Its just a more "clean" way to show IP aiki to those unfamilar with the concept and ability.

Still looking forward to playing with you guys.
Dan, just to clarify, the guy pushing is pushing on your hands specifically or are they allowed to push on your chest? If I read this correctly (that they're pushing on your extended straight arms) then you're basically at the out phase of a push-out, while the tester is allowed to be in a more supported 'stronger' stance. Correct?

The pushout is a great test and training device. We meant to use it as a quick warmup during Saturdays class and were still geeking out on it thirty minutes later...

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