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Re: Starting to burn......out! I hope not

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Mary,I have a lot of stress right now both economically and medically with my kids it seems to never end almost like I can,t come up for air but my friends are testing for 5th kyu in a few weeks and helping them with practice tests helps me get through it in the dojo but I want to thank everyone for there responses I have a lot to think about.
I think it really depends on the situation, and your assessment of it. Is this:

- something to be endured and that will go away on its own?
- something that needs your active intervention to get better?
- something that is going to get worse without your involvement?
- a cycle that never seems to get any better?

Clearly something's got to change, but whether time in the dojo will help or not is a question. It doesn't sound to me like what you're talking about is burnout, though. You've got problems elsewhere in your life, and it sounds like the dojo may have helped you forget about them or get some relief from them for a time, but the problems are still there. Time in the dojo doesn't fix problems outside the dojo, although stepping away from a problem for a time can sometimes help you see it more clearly. If the dojo is not helping in that regard, probably another approach is called for. That doesn't mean quitting aikido just means looking for the solution in the place where it is to be found.
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