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Re: Respect

Respect is a tough issue since, like everything else, it's defined subjectively.

So I guess it comes back, as always, to what intent is. If I can post a thought or reply to one and know that my intent is to simply share a viewpoint, then it's a non-issue. If my intent is to share a viewpoint but to also point out the "error" of the respondant's ways...then I need to stop, back up and consider what is driving me to do that.

But it's a tough cookie to be consistent with that. At least for me. You know...what about the situation where it seems so incredibly obvious that a posted viewpoint is just flat out wrong?

Well in that situation I can always remember the words of Quiet Hank..."Let other people be right", he would say as well as "All belief is valid".

So unless someone specifically asks for my opinion on whether I believe their thoughts to be screwy or not, then I will pretty much always be in the wrong when specifically addressing another person's beliefs.

Then there is the "it's all in the delivery" factor. To put forth a position that is at great odds with another's but to do it with absolute respect. That can be a good deal. But even that is not always received well.

And that's ok because it comes right back to intent. If I'm ok with my intent, I know it is pure and without the tarnishings of ego, then it matters not a whit what another's reaction to it is.

Yep. It happened right on this board awhile back. I went out of my way to be respectful in presenting a view which ran counter to that presented by a long time well known aikido person and he responded in a manner not reciprocal at all in the respect department.

So it's cool. I just don't need to engage that person in online conversation. If I do, then I need to seriously check on my intent because more than likely my only reason for further communication would be to satisfy some ego drive of "Ha, gotcha" type of thing.

I think where respect issues are the toughest to maintain is when posting in the political arena. Politics are seriously heavy stuff. And I do not support ignoring it just because it gets ugly occasionally. No...I think it presents a great opportunity for all people to overcome the challenges presented by conflicting viewpoints on serious matters.

So keep on posting. Even when it's tough!
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