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Re: internal strength demo...

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi Ashe
I don't want to start any kind of flap, but I really have to tell you that everything in that video can be done with external jujutsu waza, without the guy knowing a damn thing about internals.
hey Dan, no problem. believe me i understand that the limited nature of ANY demo, especially one done via video, but hey, we gotta have something to discuss right? ;-)

there's pro's and con's to any demo, since it's basically showing just ONE thing or a couple things out of context (i.e. fighting).

In this case I like to have the guy really lean in and do the push up because many times, especially in a video demo, it can be hard to tell if the demo partner is really even applying force or not, or how much. at least in this case, it's obvious that force is indeed being applied.

i like to move around and show the relaxation because, of course, if you can't change and move than what good is the skill? basically i'm trying to make it a bit more obvious that these skills can actually applied during some kind of real movement.

my thing is that this sort of thing at he very least is not really possible using "arm and shoulder strength" unless maybe you can bench press 800 lbs.

EDIT- re: your comment about jujutsu waza, i would admit that my own skill level is actually only "mid-level" at least as far as ILC is concerned. (i'm only half way through the system) and we also say that this type of skill has to go through the three stages of structure, relaxation and then energy. my own level of skill on touch is pretty well into the "relaxation" kind of stage so again, right in the mid-level range of skill. i don't think there's any shame to admitting that, because at the very least we can show a cross section of skill from someone like my Sifu who has the whole package to someone who's only just on the way, but at least shows that the skills can be taught clearly.

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