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Re: internal strength demo...

Hi Ashe
I don't want to start any kind of flap, but I really have to tell you that everything in that video can be done with external jujutsu waza, without the guy knowing a damn thing about internals.

There are sophisticated ways of using body mechanics that can mimic internal movement and some movement gives away slack, one side weightedness, and low-level internal understanding while demonstrating excellent technique. I have crossed hands with some "famous" Master class ICMA teachers who have been masquerading as expert internal guys for years- when in my estimation they are nothing more than really good jujutsu men. I just addressed some of this on RSF.

Too many guys on the ICMA side approach internal skills as the techniques or applications from Bagua, Taiji and so one without really having any IP to speak of. Others (many of which I assume you already know there) talk a very good game and know all the right terms, but who stink up the joint in person.
Its the same thing here. You have some people who pride themselves on their "knowledge" and parade about as experts- but in application against people with real skills or fighters they reveal themselves to be anything *but* experts.

I am not saying you do not have internal connection to one degree or another, so please don't "read" into my comments okay?
If I felt that way I would say so, well... scratch that. actually I won't anymore. There isn't a fair and honest interest in having this discussion on the net as it will not bode well for many teachers making a living out there. Its harder still when experts in many arts can be identified as not having it, discussed in detail in their movement and then were they willing-tested and proved.
As people grow more aware of IP/ Aiki and assess and appraise its real value as the pre-eminent quality in the arts, it is going to be even more divisive. You simply cannot hide whether you have IP /aiki or not.

If your claiming to be an internal or aiki guy- producing video or teaching publicly is proving to be a lot tougher then it used to be to be considered an expert at aiki, and will only get tougher for those posing as experts in the field. or for that matter BETTER for those looking for instruction.

You might want to look at Arks "push out test" for comparison of less gaming and more basic internal connection displayed.
My test is even stricter than Arks.
I stand stalk straight with legs locked and arms out with no movement and instead of the guy "falling" into me I have them push into me with them in a figting stance and try to step into me without my manipulating them all. In other words I have to demonstrate "internal movement" without moving at all. There are dozens of guys here who can tell you what it feel like as I have done it to them.
Its just a more "clean" way to show IP aiki to those unfamilar with the concept and ability.

Still looking forward to playing with you guys.
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