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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

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Imagine hooking up with some attractive person who dovetails with whatever your sexual orientation is, and you run your finger down your hook up's arm and they start going, "Aooooogah, Aoooogah, Aoooogah" And you stop touching them but they start rolling on the floor, going , "Oh, baby, don't stop, don't stop, Aoooogah, Aooogah!" Are you going to be, like, "Yeah, baby! You want some more?' waving your hands around in the air and they are going, "Aaaoooooooooooooooogha" (whooops, sorry, mispelled that) Aaaoooooooogah!"
That definitely would be no fun at all, if you where the one doing the one finger orgasm technique. Just for that reason is why it isn't in the Karma Sutra, or the Joy of Sex. This one finger technique described sounds more applicable to the solo act, if you know what I mean.

But then again, a one finger technique might be very profitable to those in the pleasure for sale industry.

Hey, if you could do that one finger orgasm technique you could go out and touch someone in that special way. If your at a meeting and your proposal isn't going well, all you would have to do is go around touching people. You would be the most popular person in the office. Or, if your boss is screaming at you, all you have to do is touch the boss and all the boss remembers is that wonderful feeling you give them. It would give new meaning to butt kissing. But of course, you would have make sure they had change of underwear.

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