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Erik Haselhofer (Erik) wrote:
What modesty issues? So I can't see your underwear when your pants fall down because of the cheap-ass waist strap on the cheap-ass gi you were sold? Hell, I can see way more walking down the street. And it's not immodest when some guy's pants drop and he gives us a prime shot of his hairy butt? It's not modesty. A gi is about the most sexually neutral clothing worn on the planet, particularly a Judo heavy weight gi.

It's absolutely discriminatory. I'll go on record and say that I think having a different standard in this case is 100% ASININE. Women karateka, TKD players, Judoka and whatever other martial art you choose all manage just fine in their gi's. We can manage fine too.
Not to derail this but on the same line, at my home dojo we had a guy who wore quite a variety of colored and patterned boxers. All of which could be seen through his lightweight karate gi worn during the summer. Add sweat to that and you have quite a colorful rear side. I think the ladies got the biggest kick out of it as they had a pool going as to what pattern/color he'd be in for the next class.

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