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Re: A Call for Donations for Devastated Sumatra Aikido Dojo

Hi everyone,

I am happy to report that the donation drive was a great success, owing to the generosity of folks in the US, Norway, Singapore, Germany, Russia, and beyond! We managed to raise $1,855 total and was able to send out 165,000 yen (about $1,824 after PayPal fees, etc) to the Kobayashi Aikido Dojo in Japan to send over to the devastated Padang, Sumatra dojo in Indonesia.

I received a wonderful e-mail from Hiroaiki Kobayashi sensei with his appreciations for everyone's donations. He will be heading over to Indonesia later this month with the collections.

Special thanks go out to Ms Hiroko Tojo who facilitated the transfer to Kobayashi dojo's bank account.

Thank you, everyone, for your support for this donation drive!

Best regards,

-- Jun

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