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Re: Aikikai Dan Ranks

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Second possibility is to ask a shihan - maybe shihan A or B would do so? - to directly submit your application form.
This I have witnessed this also.
Shihan "A" is deceased, and I was not with him (sensei) during his short span with Shihan "B". So that is not possible.

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Contact the Aikikai directly and ask.
I did, and I received the following response:
"It would be better to contact to the Aikikai authorized person or organization in your area."

I guess the only other way would be to either be to remain independent or convince sensei to join an aikikai affiliated group.

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
Other than a rather nice scroll (when they get your name right), I cannot imagine what you would gain from obtaining rank from the Aikikai.
As I stated, I'm ok with "non-aikikai" rank, my main concern is the "rank freeze" issue (or non-issue depending on how you view it), and the future of my students, I would like them to at least have the option of having aikikai certificates or not.

Thank you all for your feedback, this gives me something to think about.
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