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Ignacio Jaramillo (Nacho_mx) wrote:
Some wear it, but most not (after all at $200 U.S.D. a piece itīs expensive, specially for a beginner).
I don't think I've ever paid $200 for a hakama. The most expensive hakama from Bu Jin Design is $160 and the cheapest $100. Mugendo Bugodu sells hakama as cheap as $50. I think the most expensive I've paid is $150 for a cotton, indigo hakama from Iwata. Of course, you can pay more, but it's not necessary to spend $200 for a hakama.

Here's the results of the poll I held a couple of years back which asked, "Do you think everyone, regardless of gender and rank, should wear a hakama in aikido? "

I've personally worn a hakama since near the beginning of my training -- probably at or right after my first test?

-- Jun

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