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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Oh! You are just looking under the wrong rocks my friend. Just follow the smoke and you will find the fireballs on the west coast.
Actually I think you made my point... For a fraud to survive long in SoCali he/she would have to hide under a rock...

Heck So Cal Aikido is still dealing with the Gene LeBell choking out Steven Seagal in about 30 Seconds meme almost 20 years after it happened LOL I still get all these wry looks anytime I am in a mixed group of Martial Arts Folks and Aikido comes up in our discussion.

I have felt a few Aiki-Jujutsu folks over the years and the only ones that impressed me were East Coasters (and of course Colorado's own Sensei Threadgill Awesome human being he is )... I can't think of the teachers name ( Sensei Professor Moses???) but I guess he tweaked some things in Aikijujutsu and has(had?) a school in Harlem or Brooklyn. Maybe Howard Popkin knows him?

To make a long story short One of his Senior Students lives here in Malibu is in his mid 60's and is as lean and muscular as a cobra. He tours the country teaching arrest and pain control techniques to LEA's and runs a certified organic farm. When this guy gets a hold of you you feel it. You're not getting out of it until he lets you go and man his Atemi OUCH! I have bugged him over the years to teach us but he never spends enough time at home. He's always traveling. Just last weekend I bumped into him again at the Malibu Garden Center and at 63 years old he can do full extension pushups with ease and his Aiki is as solid as a rock.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks you guys for jogging my memory. Maybe it's time to REALLY start bugging him.

William Hazen

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