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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Hello Rob (hope you don't mind the first name use)
No, I meant it in a general sense only.
Everyone critiques the obvious bozos and ner-do-wells of budo by the building of a consensus among an established community. There are quite a few "communities" out there, aren't there? And there is also one in every forum on the web.

If we can't critique and examine the movement of established teachers in the martial arts without "offending" people, then I am no longer willing to critique some lesser guy just to fit in to the "club" and have a laugh. I don't see an *honest* means to resolve that other than to not respond at all. Otherwise I would have to lie.
Case in point Rob, What would you say to me stating that:
"Tony A is as good as Saotome."
Do you have a problem with that?
Do you disagree?
Prove it?
How will you make the case______________?
By concensus!
Every teacher; TMA or bozos, have fans and loyal students all their own, who all see something magical in their sensei, so there ya go. Unfortunately none of that helps anyone at all.....on the web.
So you have to continue to dig around behind the scenes and look for a different more candid consensus, just like it always was.
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