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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

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To return to the subject
This man doesn't know aikijujutsu. He has "hosted" (ahh that lovely role) two legitimate teachers of aikijujutsu, and that is where his involvement ends. I have stood in his dojo on several occasions. I could discuss his history and approach to the arts, his skill level and his lineage, but I find it disingenuous for a community to "welcome" discussions of people like him, without discussing the antics of other legitimate teachers who are equally inept, or are abusers, or who simply can't teach.

Any given community defines what they all can agree is a laughing stock and what is martial arts. At the end of the day, is it best to not say anything and let the community waste a lot of valuable time, or be sent to the hospital for making a "perceived" insult to a teacher they didn't see? Or do you stand up and call it for what it is or call a teacher out for abusing people? I guess it all depends on what the "majority" in any given community can "see" and thus "approve" in a discussion doesn't it?
For some reason I sense this directed at my comments. If not then I beg your pardon.

I have not been in this game long enough to be exposed to enough frauds to be able to call out the ones that others seem to be aware of .. maybe if there was a list somewhere of frauds. I have not been in TA's dojo but I did buy some tapes from him and I then found out some of the history behind them. Viewing the tapes it is clear that he has not changed much in the last 30 years and that 'aiki' youtube is simply goofy to my eyes - I suppose five generations of shame is good enough. I've got no problem calling BS and I expect others to call it on me - I regularly ask those I train with to please not fall down like they have been but at least keep their balance until they have to fall. If I was abused at a seminar I would file charges (I'm pretty squirrley so I hope it would not result in injury - to me at least). I would and have definately told folks to stop doing what they were doing because it is too dangerous - I never got the impression that it ws intentional (I'm sure that happens).

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Well it's not SoCal, but they're definitely on the left coast... It's everywhere.
Now this fellow I have trained with at a seminar (some one elses seminar - no need to drag them into it) on at least two different years and I certainly never felt anything that I would consider aiki (even if one is not supposed to be able to feel it) or special in any other way. As he seems to claim to teach aiki either he was not using it at the time or he has got nothing to show that is of any interest to me. No fire balls either ...

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