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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I guess it all depends on what the "majority" in any given community can "see" and thus "approve" in a discussion doesn't it?
Respectfully, I strenuously disagree.
This is a pattern and comment on human nature in general, isn't it?
I see what you mean, and it is, in fact, this way. The establishment of standards is a process, is it not? And it is most easily guided or at least strongly influenced by the *LOUDEST* people, or by means of a lack of, or a corrupt leadership. Nature abhors a vacuum. In whatever scenario, there *will* be someone to emerge as leader, and someone to define the standards for the sheeple.
IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. But it will be….for the population-at-large who 'choose' to let 'the program' unfold.....BUT each single person alone has a choice. It has a small voice….almost a whisper. But it is there and every person can ‘hear' it. If you want to. I'm just passing through, but seems to me, the best in the world is built from the contributions of people unafraid to stand alone. Those unafraid to believe in themselves, to search out, to point a better way. To point to the truth, or essence of the thing, IOW. The truth is divisive and people will, in general, seek to hear that which ‘tickles their ears.' That's so much more pleasant! And easy.
There is a reason mob-mentality is to be feared. There is a reason there are phrases like "On average, people are average', and "The masses are asses". There is also a phenomenon of population-inversion that can take place in things like this, where subjectivity and judgment are involved; it is involved with both groupthink and the fear of being mocked (i.e. the shame of man). When population inversion has been achieved, nonsense becomes the standard. Black is white, up is down, and evil is good. And all is lost. When this happens, the fall is near. At that point sanity and clear thinking is the exception and not the rule. And there are many MANY examples of this pattern playing out throughout humankind. This is a reason humans have doomed themselves to cyclical patterns throughout history…. It is a big complex mess tied in with leadership, judgment, politics, fear, E-G-O, investment, materialism, laziness, and on and on and on.

I don't know about all those reasons I mention, and I am certainly no leader, but I find myself thinking about these things a lot. And in fact, more and more each day.

I guess it all depends on what the "majority" in any given community can "see" and thus "approve" in a discussion doesn't it?
IT SHOULD NOT! Every man stands alone.

For the thread, and to the OP, Sy,
I would suggest, you, as politely as possible PM, Dan, Ellis and Howard Popkin to see if they can and will point you a dojo in your country/state/province/etc and go see for yourself. It is the only answer that will satisfy you, in the end.

And in the meantime; I would suggest to you that there are many different ways of attacking the body…and maybe…just maybe…the ‘magic' you ask about is real; and learnable. If you can find the right teacher. There are, of course, coarse joint-twisting, muscle ripping, etc…and on the other end of the spectrum… there are ways of more subtly manipulating imbalances in the body. Like that Atari vid you threw up. That was an extreme demo to illustrate a principle. Attacking ‘inside' the body of uke via a manipulation of imbalances and a lack of development (i.e. or willful opening)
Randomly yours,
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