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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

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The problem is if you go to their seminar you really are agreeing to play by their rules implicitly, so IMO, it becomes difficult and a little wrong to go in with an agenda to screw with them.
Interesting. Is there a point where you can receive the technique and let it stand for its own worth without countering it or "doing" something to the teacher but his efforts are worthless?

Where is it legitimate to stand in front of Geroge Dillman or other "Ki blast" people and see their efforts completely fail, and come on-line and everyone enjoys a good laugh; then see the same community get "offended" when the subject is a beloved Shihan of their's who's lack is obvious to some, while being completely unseen to their student base?

When "the community" is not able to see what is obvious to others, who leads the way? When are some of the budo "giants" nothing more than another version of the same "Ki blasts" guys to others. I guess it all depends on who is doing the testing and judging.

I think the best thing to do is either go, be polite and train with an open mind...or don't go at all.
Thats one way to look at it. Another might be to call it for what it is to the teachers face. Another is to just do your own thing and let it stand, ignore the nut jobs and ner-do-wells and let the masses just flounder like they always have. Budo is a living legacy of giants who stood out from the budo wallpaper. IOW, the vast majoirty of practioners were always nothing more than a measurement of the mean average.

What about abuse in Seminars? What about the host of the seminar and the attendees putting up with it to "gain something?" What does it say about those who accept the behavior? I know an aikido teacher who had both his shoulders torn by a well known teacher.
Who is worse:
The one doing the damage?
The one accepting it?
The one hosting a known abuser?
When is it "damaging" to challenge those teachers on the spot and tell them to leave their own seminar-or just deck them or knock them on their ass? When is assualt of a student a criminal act?
For that matter, when is it "damaging" to the community to accept abuse, or even just plain ineptetude or even poor teaching skills?

That said, based on the Youtube vids shown here...not to bad mouth anyone, but I have not felt compelled to seek any of these guys out based on the vids.
To return to the subject
This man doesn't know aikijujutsu. He has "hosted" (ahh that lovely role) two legitimate teachers of aikijujutsu, and that is where his involvement ends. I have stood in his dojo on several occasions. I could discuss his history and approach to the arts, his skill level and his lineage, but I find it disingenuous for a community to "welcome" discussions of people like him, without discussing the antics of other legitimate teachers who are equally inept, or are abusers, or who simply can't teach.

Any given community defines what they all can agree is a laughing stock and what is martial arts. At the end of the day, is it best to not say anything and let the community waste a lot of valuable time, or be sent to the hospital for making a "perceived" insult to a teacher they didn't see? Or do you stand up and call it for what it is or call a teacher out for abusing people? I guess it all depends on what the "majority" in any given community can "see" and thus "approve" in a discussion doesn't it?

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