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Re: The Martial Art of Difficult Conversations

Wow, cool exchange!

Great job guys and gals!

Aiki Principles represent the ideal, just as the principles of democracy, religious ethic and the Golden Rule do. Only practice makes perfect and we are talking a hellava lotta practice here.

Doing the right thing will always be the challenge, not to necessarily accomplish it each time, but to give it our best effort each and every time.

Metsuke - correct assessment of the situation, and for options

Ma-ai - establishing and maintaining proper distancing.
Kuzushi - deflecting or deflating the force of the attack, creating an opening for timely
Irimi - entering into controlling position to execute
Kake- appropriate technique(s), striving for an equitable, and peaceful resolution, resulting in a win win resolution.

Making a new friend is so bad, you know.
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