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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

My sensei told me he went to a demonstration once where the sensei claimed to be able to send his ki across the room and his students would fly backwards and get knocked down while standing feet away from the sensei. Some guy called him on it saying it looked fake and the sensei asked if the mean wanted to feel it. They guy stood up and said "Yes." The sensei then took his stance and sent his ki over to the guy. The guy just stood there. The sensei then asked "Do you feel it?" The guy said no. The sensei made a face, looked like he was straining and said "YOU FEEL IT!" This was more a statement then a question. The guy still replied no. The sensei then put his hands down and walked away. Sensei didn't say what happened after that. He told us this story in a tai chi class one night.

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