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Re: Sempai-Kohai relationship

It sounds like your sensei has some very specific preferences for etiquette. I think your best bet is just to ask him directly after class one day, (or even in an email depending how you feel comfortable), if he can clarify some of these things for you. If you're uncomfortable with that or keep finding his answers unclear, a friendly senior student in the dojo is also a possibility.

But since etiquette preferences can vary from teacher to teacher and dojo to dojo, I don't think asking people outside the dojo will do as much good as going to the source.

E.g., I've trained about five years and gone to a number of seminars with a number of different teachers and students from different dojos, and I had never even _heard_ of the existence of any rule about which side of the dojo someone stands on when practicing a technique. Other than safety related ones like 'throw away from other people'.

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