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Re: Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

Another thing to keep in mind is some people just don't have a very high pain tolerance and some people just make funny faces for no reason what so ever. HAHA. In the first video posted, I didn't really take those expressions to be ones of pain, but that is just me.

As far as the second video, they look sluggish. There is one guy who I think makes a painful face and that may be for dramatic effect to benefit for the video, but for all we know someone could have stepped on his pinky toe when they were getting up....

In my class, we actually did the thing where people would pick you up and you would make yourself heavy or you would make yourself heavy and then they would try to lift you. Pretty neat if you can mentally focus. Some people would groan with trying to hold up or lft the person and some would make faces due to the effort.

As far as the third video goes, it could be a mix of all of the above. Perhaps they are experiencing things I have never felt. I am certainly not all knowing when it comes to aikijitsu, but hopefully, my thoughts help you a little... HAHA.

One more thing that may be attributing towards their shock or laying there is that sometimes my teacher would intend on doing one thing and then change technique halfway through. You had to just go with it and sometimes you found yourself going "What just happened?" Also, in my dojo, once we were down, we didn't just jump back up, we made sure it was safe and were prepared to fight from the ground if needed before making sure it was safe to stand up.

Interesting videos though.

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