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Re: Sigman: Europe Oct 09

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
Short writeup on the Wadhurst seminar:
There are two foot-in-the-door skills for internal training: redirecting forces through the body and conditioning the 'suit' (fascia etc.) to support the body. Both were clearly presented by Mike in a step-by-step fashion. He also showed where the real fun starts: the stuff that you can start to develop if you have those two basic things in place, such as power releases and aiki. So participants got a nice overview of internal skills, as well as sufficient details to start developing them. Mike also took the time to check how everyone was doing (It has to be felt, you know.) and did his best to answer all the questions people could come up with.
Organization was excellent and I met a lot of wonderful people.

tl;dr: Great seminar. Attend one as soon as possible if you're interested in "IT".
Frank Scheppers wrote: View Post
Listen to Joep, because Joep is right (hi again, Joep).

Some of the more basic exercises shown by Mike Sigman looked and felt familiar from my aikido training, but Mr. Sigman's explanations and instructions were much (much!) more coherent, precise and insightful than anything I have ever been taught (and I still think I got lucky with my pretty good aikido teachers...: without them I might never even have been interested in or receptive to this stuff).

And then Mr. Sigman showed and explained many more things, some of which were way beyond what I have ever seen in Aikido.

One of the immediate effects that Mr. Sigman's instruction had on me, is that I suddenly understood (more or less clearly, of course) some of the things which very competent aikido practitioners had been doing to me, without me understanding at all how they did what they did, before.

On IHTBF: well, yeah, ITHBF. Even after extensive reading up on the subject on Aikiweb and elsewhere, things became a lot clearer to me after attending the seminar.

Perhaps the most important aspect of what I took home from the seminar, was a set of very clear and precise instructions on how to do a number of (solo as well as paired) basic exercises (including some that I was already doing in some way, but often in a hopelessly flawed way) and a general ‘feel' about how things ought to be done, if I want to make any substantial progress in aikido or whatever you want to call it.
With reviews like these, it's hard to ignore the urge to attend your sessions. I'm wondering Mike if you are planning to come to the Land Down Under anytime in the near future?
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