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Pain and control in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

I've been watching some videos of Daito Ryu demonstrations and whilst sometimes I can see (or think that I see) the control they have on their ukes via kuzushi, atari, musubi, joint locks, etc., which I have seen some aikido teachers do some of, there are certain things that they do in demonstrations that make no physical sense to me...

To start with, why do the ukes seem to show so much intense pain even under very light touch from the DR tori? And I'm not referring to some of the obvious joint locks... In certain techniques the ukes are on their tip-toes grimacing with pain, but the tori are [seemingly] simply lightly connected to their ukes via their finger tips. Hmm??

In some techniques, the ukes look like they've either been electrocuted or stunned for a few seconds during and after the techniques. What gives?

At first I thought these students were hynotised or somewhat participating in an act, but after watching more DR videos from different practitioners, I'm wondering if it's more than that. The ukes reactions (especially of pain) seems fairly genuine. Any insight anyone?
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