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Hello everyone..

kinda new to the forum, but been training in aikido for over 1 year, i am now 6th kyu, and looking forward to more. I have been traing hard for the past few months especialy. on average i train about 8 hrs a week, 2 of those are helping in the childrens class, which i find most rewarding. my 11 yo and 7 yo also train (2hrs). I was just wondering what is the average everyone else trains..and if there is such a thing as overload..not likely, but ya never know. Included in the 8hrs is 1 hr of weapons..personal Fav.
I am activly wanting higher ranking, which is why i say yes to keeping ranks, and i feel its a motivator for ppl, to get different colors, i am SOOO motivated to getting my dan (s). but i train hard..and do my best, i find going to beginer classes to be most benificial in perfecting my technic..
(perhaps a spelling class would help also,lol)
thoughts anyone?? (not on spelling)

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