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Darryl Cowens
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Re: Sempai-Kohai relationship

Hmmm... funny, in my club we usually just line up where we feel like it. I have noticed usually a yudansha lines up on the far right, but I can't recall if that is always the case.

I have never even heard the terms sempai or kohai used in the dojo, let alone anyone addressed as such. In fact I can probably only count a handful of times I have ever heard our Sensei addressed as 'Sensei'... and even then, that was by a yudansha, possibly in an effort to encourage dojo protocol.

I can understand why all these protocols and traditions are in place, but (as one who is very new to MA) isn't there a risk of getting caught up in it too much? By all means line up according to dan and kyu grade, but when people are quarrelling over who sits where out of 10 6th kyus that might be present one night, you gotta wonder how they get any training done?

My very novice and uneducted 1.5c worth...
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