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Re: Sempai-Kohai relationship

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I think it is sort of a moot point whether a 6th Kyu person is sr. to another 6th Kyu person because you both know very little in the scheme of things. Are you not allowed to train with other people or it is your preference to work with these people?
We are allowed to train with other people and I often train with yudansha or 1st kyu students. When that happens, of course I attack first. Sometimes though, I work with other 6th kyu's like me. I usually attack them first as well, just because.....

This came up because I accidently assumed a spot next to sensei when my and my husband were working together. Like I said before, we both started on the same day.... but evidently sensei has determined that he is my sempai. I would just like to know how this determination is made so I don't mess up when working with other students of my rank.

I have no problem being the low person on the totem pole. That doesn't bother me a bit. Messing up when it comes to etiquette on the other hand.... that I don't like.
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