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Susanne Serwotka
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Re: After Training... Friends

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
I hear you loud and clear. Somtimes when asked by various people about how my weekend or week went and I talk about about my training in Yoseikan or GJJ....they always seem to back off and treat me a little differently. Like I'm some wierd sideshow oddity. Anyone else here have experiences like this?
Yes, I know this response as well, I tell people I train Aikido and they step back a little and look me over like I just admitted I belong to some strange occult sect......I think that's because people who know Martial Arts mainly from action movies don't know what to expect. Maybe afraid you might jump into a fighting stance next moment and start to kick and punch, or try to suck them in like those people that come to the door and start a religious discussion. I have found it hard to convey the kind of comradeship and connection that develops between martial students to someone who usually works out at a gym. So I just explain the four basic principles, and that the dojo is a big part of my social life as well, because you get to know people well in partner training. More often than not, people seem to decide I might be a normal person after all and want to know more about Aikido.
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