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Re: Tested.. passed... on to the next one.

I doubt I'll wait a few weeks to start looking over 5th kyu techniques. More than LIkely I'll begin paying attention to them within the next couple of days. I have in mind an approximate time frame for the next test to occur but I also am not setting any hard and fast goals in that regard. My teachers will tell me when they feel I'm ready. I'm kind of glad that our dojo does not set test dates far in advance. This way I won't find myself rushing the process.

I do not want to get myself caught up in the drive to test and advance to the point that I miss the entire purpose of my practicing aikido in the first place. That being to learn more about and to improve myself in ways that really can't be measured and classified by mere rank.

Ive had quite a lot of self discovery this year. Aikido has been a part of it. A lot of good has come out of it so far for my personal growth and well being. But this is only the beginning.

For me aikido is not going to just be something I do as an eccentric hobby. It is intended to become part of a way of life.

Looking back I guess the title of this thread is a bit misleading. Its not about rushing to advance so much as it is about looking ahead and anticipating the next phase of this amazing journey.

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