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Re: Everybody Is An Instructorů.

People may not want to hear certain feedback, but if something is not working and the same process is being repeated, bad habits are simply being reinforced that will later we harder to become undone. Everybody can offer some useful advise if they are taught how, when and what information can be of help.
I agree and as others have said I value feedback from my partners very much. Several of my fellow students have been valuable in helping me to prepare for my recent test.

That said there is a difference between feed back and all all out lecture that no only takes up valuable training time but also prevents me from listening to what my senses are trying to tell me. Sometimes it really helps to just shut up and just feel what is going on until you can understand it. At least for me that's a very necessary part of learning.

Lucky for me I get to work one on one with my sensei's quite often since we have a smaller group. One of the best training experiences I have had was just me and two sensi's in the dojo for an hour. I counted myself very fortunate to have had that opportunity.
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