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Marc Abrams
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Re: Everybody Is An Instructorů.

Philip Purcell wrote: View Post
Whilst I agree with the thread of your point Marc, there are times where the feedback that is given would entrench worse sins than being currently committed or is like introducing calculus to preschool children - they just will not get what is being said and will only become more confused. I think when discussing technique whilst training you should keep in mind a) the limitations of the recipient and b) your own limitations! I recall a post on another thread that was dealing with attitude / ability after grading that discussed just because you have proved that you can do a technique to required standard does not qualify you to correct others ad nauseum.

I am becoming a greater advocate for the "shut up and train" school of thought; like I said in my original post, but it still takes effort on my part but I will get there!!

Absolutely agree with you about your observations. That is why I spend a lot of time teaching students what and how to recognize important information and how to provide timely and appropriate feedback. I think that the "shut up and train" routine should be respected in those who seek that. Frankly speaking, if I can identify where your posture fails, where unnecessary tension is being introduced, you would pick things up quicker if you gave a pause in that thinking and solicit feedback from people you respect as to what they experience in themselves and you when you are practicing.

Marc Abrams

ps.- off to my practice in NYC now - YEAH!!!
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