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Re: Everybody Is An Instructorů.

Just a thought as I really should be doing what I am paid to do! But it is Friday afternoon

Over the past few months there have been a few people at my dojo that like to share their own particular / peculiar spin on what sensei has been showing. I can neither confirm nor deny if I am a culprit, but I do make an effort to call over sensei if my partner is having issues rather than relay my own understanding. Last night when there were only seven people going through jo suburi and three voices ‘instructing'! The instructor quite rightly pointed out that he should be the only one teaching and focus should be on him.

I got to thinking last night, how do you deal with a training partner that insists on lecturing. I have tried avoidance and / or deafness. Sometimes the instructor on the night will intervene, but they can not catch it every time. I personally do care for what one culprit says most of the time, I am happy in my own little world with a good bunch of people who can show as much as they tell. But what do you do if you see someone lecturing without qualification.

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