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Marc Abrams
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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Hello Marc
I think you missed my point and since it seems to be a sensitive issue I will attempt to expand on it.
You see it as a put down of him, I see it as two different topics within the martial arts, and some times they overlap. As I -also- said, "There are a lot of great martial artists; some are very powerful, others have sophisticated figthing skills, which can be very impressive and feel magical, some have highly refined weapons work etc. but they are not internal guys. While other Maers have developed particular *aspects* of internal movement in their overal skills- it doesn't mean they are the possessor of *everything* by way of IP/Aiki. There are guys who are simply magicians with their arts, it does not make them complete internal experts. Where does technical brilliance of movement in fighting fit in?
My point being- regardless of the quality and sophistication- not all movement is internal, not all internal movement is the same. And where highly refined technical brilliance overlaps with highly developed but singular internal skills, it can confuse a lot of people.


I did not necessarily take it as a put down. I simply suggest that until you have some hands-on experience with him you might want to qualify your observations. I frankly would be fascinated by your interactions with him. Some of the stuff that he does (not surprisingly, a lot of the unusual stuff is not often times done in public) might lead you to reconsider your ideas of what constitutes internal power and the boundaries and uses of that power. I am not even beginning to talk about his fighting skills. You and I will talk privately about this area. We had a well respected mathematical physicist attend and the talks over the weekend at my house were quite interesting (to say the least).

Marc Abrams
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