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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
... Bone, tendon, fascia makes more sense than bone, muscle, fascia. You could say bone, muscle, fascia and tendon, if you use a hard approach to these skills. ...
Hi Joep,
`Thanks for your post.
Something I was wondering about... you know in 'western' medicine/bodyview that we usually talk about the myofascia. Myo=muscle & fascia = well, you know. I was thinking it is a 'composite' structure and not really separable. Is that a mistake on my part?! Is this the whole point?! I am not sure what is implied by 'separating' these two parts. Is it what is trained? Is it, among other things, and in other words, that you want to actuate (/move) the fascia separately (i.e. use it in such a way that it physically separates/dissociates/slides from/on the muscle)? In regards to 'the changed body': Is 'hard' 'just' the conditioning (where conditioning = hydrated, soft, connected, capable of swelling) of the fascia and 'soft' the same conditioning plus the ability for *centered* movement of (paths or axes of) it?

just some questions and thoughts... I realize I probably got a whole bunch of stuff wrong; so I'll mention that I do appreciate it when you correct me..

I'm pretty sure I don't understand the difference between hard and soft methods. Anything you can say about that is definitely appreciated.
Cheers man,
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