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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Just to chime in on the "Development Methods" . . not that anyone is necessarily recommending otherwise, but I think it's pretty critical that you pick a method and get some baseline skills going before you do the "Visit person X and do a little bit of A, then Visit person Y and do a little bit of B". They aren't necessarily doing the same thing and the bits of conditioning you are picking up from both aren't necessarily working together to improve you overall.

So, pick something and stick with it long enough to get some demonstrable results. By demonstrable, I mean that you have a laid out set of criteria that have been modeled that you are training towards with checkpoints of success/fail/good/bad along the way. If you get something and then immediately modify it to suit "what you are already doing" then you are in danger of losing the "new stuff" you're supposed to be getting from it at the onset.

So you (obsessively?) work to condition the internal methods you have been given, level setting as best as possible, getting feedback where you can on how you're progressing according to the paradigm laid out in front of you. After that point, that's when I'd recommend getting some additional exposure - with an open mind. Differences in approaches should be more noticeable, your questions will be more informed and it will prevent you from doing the long road to middleground of just doing what you got from the last seminar.

On the other, hand, depending on what you're looking for, there's merit in meeting as many people as possible and seeing which approach works for you the best . . but how will you make that informed decision until you have the information? Especially since this kind of information needs to be communicated, discovered, analyzed, rediscovered, etc . . It's iterative, not just an "I saw it, I get it now" kind of undertaking . .
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