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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

David Orange wrote: View Post
Well, to me that pretty well describes the external mechanics ...
.. then we have that out of the way...

David Orange wrote: View Post
but knowing more about what Gleason Sensei is doing internally, what Dan showed us in August, this is the kind of thing ...
.. and without engaging the remainder of this argument, let me simply ask some questions to see if we agree:

Do we agree that unless action is intuitive it cannot function martially?

Do we agree that intuition, to be effective, must be based on something concrete?

Do we agree that intuition can have different foundations of perception (or emphases on perception) on which to operate?

Do we agree that the action through "intent" and these other concepts is a concrete intuitional approach ?

Do we agree that the ideas of "frame" "structure" "enter/leaving" and "capturing" are concrete foundations on which intuition operates ?

Do we agree that those concepts, as used, are idiosyncratic -- simply meaning that they are used in a sense other than their common meaning, and that without direct introduction to the concrete action that they signify (or relating them in some more generally common or objective terms), they communicate very little of the idea?

Do we agree that some of these concretes, as used, refer to immediate impressions of subjective sensation, rather than the objectively described elements of the action occurring ?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Yes, I can see what you're saying, but it only describes the measurable physics of the mechanical event--not the internal movement that initiates the outward action you see as the effect.

Not at all, this is fruitful conversation.

Do we agree that, just as intuition can learn to follow "intent," frame," etc. as a basis to implement action spontaneously, that, intuition might also learn follow objectively described modes of structural response as a basis to implement action spontaneously?

Do we agree that one can usually find ways to explain something one has learned, or recognize it when explained, in terms other than the terms by which it was learned?

Given your response to all of the above, can you describe in other terms what Gleason is doing and what Dan showed you ?


Erick Mead
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