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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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hey, i thought this is a discussion about the hard and soft approaches of IT/IP/aiki trainings? what with all the chest thumping "i got it" and "he doesn't have it" stuffs? cut that out! don't make me go back there and show you my stainless-steel-protector-cup kungfu!

discussion of some common pitfalls/warning-signs in hard and soft approaches would be more interesting. things like:

would it take longer or shorter between hard and soft?
would hard approach has the tendency to lean toward more muscle mix into jin/kokyu?
would soft approach has the tendency to give one the illusion of grandeur?
and so on and so forth.... ad spewing-chow ...

yes, i know some of you don't like to discuss openly about these things or coaching on the internet, so you folks can go off and doing whatever that you are doing and let us amateurs exchange ideas. remember, that us amateurs are out number you experts, by probably a factor of 10. in another word, don't make us ganging on you! "quantity is a quality of itself!" in the same vein as "never start a fast food restaurant in china!"
Hard is easier
Soft takes longer
Most like hard training
Hard can feel soft...go train with some good jujutsu guys
Soft can feel hard...go get hit by some soft internal guys

One real problem is who to go to and where to find it.
Since "the hard can feel soft" and "the soft can be hard," you might want to also consider that
"Hard can just be...hard"
"Soft can just be useless."
My opinion is soft is the best way to train long term as it contains the best of both qualities and it doesn't fade. Hard cannot do what soft does.

So I guess you just go everywhere and try everyone and you be the judge.
Good luck in your search
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