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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

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ok; last one; just for fun
Joep asked about what the tension is that is being trained...remember?
ok; well, about that... I had some thoughts. (Don't know ... just thoughts, ok))
I think it is the force exerted by the 'whole body' connected together to itself. It is all bound up in a closed loop, right? It is the force, or tension, if you will, that literally holds us together. The sinews that run from extent-to-extent, in the body. Bone, muscle, fascia, groundpath, suit. All that stuff.
To keep it simple, the tension being trained is the stretching of the suit. Groundpath has little to do with it at the beginning. Bone, tendon, fascia makes more sense than bone, muscle, fascia. You could say bone, muscle, fascia and tendon, if you use a hard approach to these skills. Throwing bone, muscle, fascia, groundpath and suit together, is just confusing.

p.s. Hey Joep - did you get to see the Shioda chest bump to your satisfaction?
Nope, didn't get to it.
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