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Re: Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?


I think he meant as in Aikido-Grappling as opposed to Extra Curricular Grappling like you're doing with BJJ...

Which funnily enough, I'm trying to persuade my missus to try out since she's flipped the coin on Aikido going from total devotion to total hatred.

Anyway, I'm planning to take BJJ next year hopefully... but there's too many things going on at once right now with my struggles to learn aiki from a sensei living in another country, Kali, Silat and life...
So here's hoping.

Btw, Leo Vieira was here to do a 2 day BJJ seminar recently. My friends all commented that this guy grapples very softly very aiki like even against MMA level competitors. This I like. Unfortunately his seminar fees can bust my piggy bank with my upcoming Indonesian trip this weekend so I gave it a miss.

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