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Re: Managing Change in Aikido

Change can indeed be unsettling, but Aikido is all about change. Changing yourself, changing Uke's direction, changing what technique you thought you meant to do (if indeed you are still even thinking in those terms - as I am, as a newbie), with the changes in the energy you're given.

You said, of teachers:
"Your Aikido, your whole view of Aikido, starts to change, it's radically different than what you had been doing. You are so excited, it's what you had been looking for all along. But what do your students think about all of this?"

Your points about managing change by relating the new back to the known and familiar are excellent. Maintain the connection. But make the change. What your students should see (one would hope), with you as their example and mentor, is that it's OK to change when changing is what lets you stay strong, centered, and effective.

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