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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

ok; last one; just for fun
Joep asked about what the tension is that is being trained...remember?
ok; well, about that... I had some thoughts. (Don't know ... just thoughts, ok))
I think it is the force exerted by the 'whole body' connected together to itself. It is all bound up in a closed loop, right? It is the force, or tension, if you will, that literally holds us together. The sinews that run from extent-to-extent, in the body. Bone, muscle, fascia, groundpath, suit. All that stuff. Imagine you wanted to actually pull off my shin bone from my knee (!). I know, crazy,eh? Well..Imagine you wanted to violate that 'closed loop' of the body. keep following along: It would take you tremendous force to actually pull that leg bone off. To 'break that circuit'. So, therefore there is tremendous potential energy bound up in the body.... and making it balanced, stable...and flexible...and kokyu conducting groundpath.. (etc). Now train 'it' ....if it, in any way, itt could make all those things better.. I think making yourself into a kokyu alignment makes you non-local(/everywhere) in the way that pretty easily (should you possess the skill) you can manifest the entire body's momentum anywhere on your body into a target. But it has to all be connected, or hooked-up. Trained. Probably, if you have the skill, it is, as Mike says, and it feels like a rubber eraser when you focus the effort and the groundpath to a point. The force(s) that 'zip-up' your body into a cohesive unit are those tensions (which I think) you seek to train.
Also..I think it is the 'general force' that defines just exactly how big your body is (under your skin), and/or grows to. (hence Takeda's big hands)
That is the general idea, anyway...
again; that random thought is sponsored by the events of the last few weeks and months. my opinion subject to change, as always... my0.02$. hope it was interesting.

p.s. Hey Joep - did you get to see the Shioda chest bump to your satisfaction?
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