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Re: Internal Power Development Methods


Didn't really want to re-quote your whole post....

Nope, you are right you never have said that anyone should leave aikido...there are a few out there that I think are a little hard on themselves and the art and have abandoned it a little too much instead of taking on a leadership roll in the art and trying to actually fix the parts that are broke. Those comments are directed at those observations from the many discussion here on aikiweb that seem to go in that direction for what ever reason.

Comments on Ushiro...not really sure what purpose it serves to come out and say those things, you could have shared that with me or whom ever else would care about that in private, does it really serve any of us any good to say that about him publically?

Doesn't it do more to drive folks underground or away and continue the same old petty crap that Budd addresses?

Maybe I am "under educated" or mis informed in this area of training and I am a bad judge of what quality Aiki training should be. I will be the first to admit that Dan.

Heck, remember the conversations we had a few years back? I wasn't exactly on board with this was I? and we had some pretty heated discussions right?

Well, since then I believe I have had my hands on...well lets see.. MIke, Ark, Toby, and Ushiro now....all of them have provided me with some great training and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with them and believe I have taken away something from all those exposures. all of them except you, who'd of ever thought i'd do me.

So, yea, maybe I am in the best place to judge what is good or not it.

I'd love to get with you some time and train as well so I can better understand what it is that is different and better than what Ushiro does. It would be cool now that I had my hands on him as well!

I have a vacation planned up to New Hampshire 10 - 17 January and I am looking for a place to stay FRI/SAT night on the way up to break up the trip....maybe MA is a good place to stop over???

Or we could meet up in May again when Ushiro comes back, all though that is probably not the best place.

Or not at all...that is cool too with me as I am very happy with where I am right now and have enough on my plate to do for a while...but it would be fun to meet you after all these years and I say that in the most sincere way.

but like I said, not a big deal if not....I am having too good of a time training right now to really care too much about "testing" folks and "trying" it out...I just want to train and as you say...get as many experiences under my belt as I can and grow.

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