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Marc Abrams
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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hi Kevin

I am not overly impressed with Ushiro's movement, neither are some others in the current IT crowd.
IMO, he, like a few others have developed a certain part of these skills. No, I am not talking about their fighting skills, or waza, I am talking about IP/Aiki.
FWIW, I would be counted among those stating it is not aikido, nor will it necessarily produce better aikido. there are other methods more in keeping with aikido is.


With all due respect (and you know that I have a lot of respect for you), your impressions about Ushiro Sensei's movements and those un-named other IP people seem to me to be little more than hubris from a distance.

What if he has a set of skills that are simple quantum leaps above with some in the current IP world show to others? Without first hand experience, what certainty would you like to place on your assumptions?

You yourself encourage people to feel what is going on before making comments from a position of supposed and assumed knowledge about what is and what is not going on. He will be back again in May and I fully encourage you to attend and gets some hands on experience before you truly stand behind your comment. Ikeda Sensei would certainly not agree with your position and I would venture to say that he is in a better position than you to comment on what may or may not help Aikido. Then again, everybody is entitled to their opinions. Ushiro Sensei, like you, encourages all to come and see & feel first hand what is really there (as opposed to what you might assume is there or not there). AFTER you have some first-hand knowledge, then we can discuss things from a point of real experience.

Marc Abrams
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