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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Yea I see what you mean Budd. I also see the break down and your analysis is done in a positive manner meant to understand, not to compare 'haves and have nots". There is a difference.

That said, I my friends are asking me to tell them how various people feel compared to others...and I really don't know how to answer that question anymore. Not that anyone is asking the wrong is just simply not something I can answer in a way that is constructive.

It could be my own lack of ability to distill and summarize, but I really think it is getting harder to do as I am moving more out of a comparitive phase of "wow that was cool to feel", to a stage of "he showed me some things...can I do them" or "what take aways did I get that I feel I am going to be able to replicate".

I am kinda over the "wow that was fun to play with" it is easy I think to go to a 3 ring circus and be entertained....what did you take away from the seminar to work on and what feedback process do you have to measure and adjust on.

So, that is a good point, we could all get together and have a good time, but yea...what is the objective of the meeting and what are the take aways going to be? A very good point indeed, otherwise we just of a "in club" meeting of the "he man women haters society" and we all go home feeling cool!

That is a very good point indeed!

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