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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Budd wrote:

get the frustration with "authority" being placed in some viewpoints versus others - but I'm hoping that with time, if the brewing factions can be prevented from getting too toxic, that "authority" continues to be based on people getting out and more and more people being "vetted" by as objective a set of criteria as possible. At this point, it seems few enough people have been "vetted" and the objective criteria (and I really am not talking about "feats", because they ought to be a "result" of good training, methinks, rather than the end goal as I've witnessed the case to be at times) is still being somewhat defined
Budd, what was encouraging at the Ushiro seminar was the folks that were there from Kokyushin, Aikido, Shindo Ryu, BJJ and other arts is that there are lots of folks that are committted to laying down their differences and we have some very high level folks in all these communities that are able to get together and train.

Who'd ever thunk that aikido folks and kokyushin could get together in the same room and have a productive weekend? I've done it before years ago and it was a disaster!

Now you have these guys that can come together and form a community? it is awesome! think about it.

Vetting? none of us talked about vetting we simply trained together and tried to help each other learn. We talked about "hey you should really get with this guy...he is awesome...or have you spent time with so and so...he is fun and a great guy. was all in the joy of celebrating the sharing...not the dacronian vetting process.

I don't understand the whole vetting process really.....if anything it should be a friendly...hey you should really go train with this guy, I think you'd learn some things from him.

Some how this has gotten way out of hand.

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